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This section will contain news, interesting images, comments, almost like a “blog” but less frequent. The most recent entries will be at the top of the page.

June 9, 2012: The Friends of the Thousand Islands now have a section on this website.

June 1, 2012: I’m continuing to census vegetation in the Thousand Islands. I have about 50 islands “named” in a GIS as shapefiles with areas and perimeters calculated in the attribute tables. When completed I’ll post it as a PDF table with a link to plant species lists. Tomorrow I’ll be working in the north islands. I spotted an interesting feature in a 2009 aerial that actually shows up in the 1943 aerial so apparently it’s natural. Stay tuned...

May 23, 2012: Stay tuned for the addition of a page(s) for the Friends of the Thousand Islands.

May 19, 2012: The FNPS talk is available on the downloads page Here.

May 12, 2012: I will be presenting a paper at the Native Plant Society conference next Friday on a vegetation study I conducted in the hammocks. Read more Here.

March 2009: Just say NO to Australian pines! Australian pine removal began on Crawford North. Check the Restoration pages for updates. These non-native pest plants have no place in our environment, and any effort to keep them here is selfish and misguided. Habitat restoration won’t adversely affect anyone’s property values, and wildlife will do better without these invasive pest plants. Read why these trees are so bad for the Thousand Islands Here

October 23, 2007: The Reynolds tract of the Thousand Islands, the most popular part with kayakers due to the maze of mosquito canals found there was approved by the County Commission October 23 2007. Please contact your elected officials and tell them thanks for helping us preserve the islands. Read more about the educational value of these islands Here.

A special thanks to the students from Freedom 7 and Cocoa Beach Jr./Sr. High School who did such a great job speaking at the commission meeting. They took an unexcused absence to be away from school

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